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Northern Belle sets a high standard in management, and works hand in hand with P.L.A. (Prostitution Licencing Authority ) Queensland, to ensure mutual respect, and that all Service Providers rights are preserved. For more info on legal brothels in Queensland, Australia please refer to:

The P.L.A and Northern Belle are committed to:

  • The principles of respect, integrity and impartiality
  • Promoting and improving safety and health in the sex industry and in the wider community
  • Preventing corruption and organized crime in licenced brothels
  • Ensuring that all its activities are based on the best information and research available to it

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The Moroccan Lounge The Moroccan Lounge 8 Person Spa
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Sauna The Powder Room Outdoor Patio / Smoking Area

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For info on legal brothels in Queensland Australia, please refer to:

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